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A List of Organizations Developing Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Standards

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On May 8th, 2018 the United States government held a committee meeting to explore blockchain technology for improving supply chain management and combating counterfeit goods. Though government and industry interests may differ in some areas, everyone who gave testimony agreed on the need to develop common standards for blockchain technology. The interoperability of developing technologies is often critical to the success of each technology as well as the businesses that invest in such technology. Our […]

Big Business Buys into Blockchain: The Top 100 Fortune 500 Companies and Their Interest in Blockchain

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We studied the blockchain aspirations of the top 100 Fortune 500 companies for 2017 and provided the results in a sortable table below. The Data: The Enterprise Loves Blockchain No one is surprised to see enterprise blockchain projects favor supply chain management and financial service applications (especially payment processing); however, we discovered a surprising number of imaginative patent applications and a high degree of collaboration among competitors.

The Best Open Source Blockchain Projects

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Professional services firm Deloitte recently published an analysis of open source blockchain projects (see The Evolution of Blockchain Technology). It found only 8% of blockchain projects on Github survived the first year; however, the remaining projects represent an exciting area of opportunity, especially for the financial services industry.